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Did You Know…?

keyboard-886462_640Did you know that there are two very useful and time-saving subscription functions on the Gilmore website?

The first one allows you to receive an email notification whenever new information is posted to the website. This feature can save you the time and hassle of checking the website on a regular basis, and will allow you to receive information in a timely manner. To subscribe, look for the “Subscribe By Email” box in the bottom right corner of this page, enter your email address, hit “Subscribe”, and follow the prompts that follow. You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

The second subscription allows you to subscribe to the Gilmore Calendar component of the website. You can choose to add the subscription to the digital calendar of your choice: Apple Calendar (iPhone, iPad), Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and more. This will automatically import all important Gilmore events to you calendar, and will automatically update itself as new events are added. To subscribe, click on Calendars –> Gilmore Calendar, and look for the “Subscribe” button in the bottom right corner. Choose your preferred calendar type (Apple, Google, etc.), and follow the prompts.